Welcome LUSI to ChiFuLi Trainingcenter

our new schoolbus

More than a year we were searching for a suitable new schoolbus due to the old one being at the end of his lifespan. From time to time it wasn’t sure how long the old bus would still be able to transport our children to the school and home. And from time to time it wasn’t sure whether we can get a new bus in time aswell.

But on late Saturday evening we were extremely happy to welcome LUSI to ChiFuLi Trainingcenter. After a long way, our technical director Ebenezer drove the bus in the schoolyard for the first time. It was an overwhelming moment for the whole ChiFuLi family.

Now we are so thankful that we can continue to offer education to the children of Nyakrom and the surronding  villages. And even farther improvemnets have been made possible through the new bus, or rahter through having two buses now. It allows us to transport more students in a way more comfortable vehicle. And by using both busses at the same time in the morning we are now able to start classes earlier and our teachers have even more time to provide quality education to the students.

At this place we want to thank especially all those who prayed or donated for this project! Without you we wouldn’t have this great new bus now. In the name of the whole school team and the students: Thank you so so much and may God richly bless you!

Surely we will add some pictures and videos of the bus in action the next weeks. We plan to paint it aswell – and there is so much more to come: So be curious and stay tuned on our website and YouTube channel!

P.S. You are asking yourself why the bus is called LUSI? The name goes back to two German volunteers who feel strongly connected to the school and have also helped to realize this schoolbus project. Their names are LUkas and SImon.