We are searching for a new school bus

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While the number of our students is constantly growing, our current school bus, a Mercedes Sprinter, can’t grow. But we still want to get all our students safe to ChiFuLi International School and back.

Therefore we need an additional bus.

When we have a second bus, the current one won’t be out of use. Rather it would be used to pick up students from the villages and the town Nyakrom at the same time. This would save time and open up new opportunities, for example extending our range in the villages to Otsinkorang.

Furthermore the bus wouldn’t be as crowded as it is now. It would be more convenient for all, if we wouldn’t need to push up to 90 students in one bus.

In addition, our current bus is old and you never know when it breaks. A second bus can help us to ensure bringing all children home safely, even if one bus breaks during the day.

If you know anybody who has an old, but working car, preferably a Mercedes Sprinter 516 with rear double tires, please contact us.

Or if you don’t know anybody with a old bus, but you still want to help, feel free to donate here:

recipient: Vineyard München e.V.

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